We believe establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with homeowners and professional contractors/builders is essential in forming a great installation and fabrication team.

That’s why once Elements Floor and Design (EF&D) is on the job, our field supervisors and sales reps will meet daily with our installation crew to keep things in check. The key to our success? Having a decision-maker available on the jobsite is priceless if a problem-solving situation transpires.

Further, our commitment to our clients includes several comprehensive levels of service, before and after your needs our entrusted to us.


  • Shop from Home: By bringing sample materials to you, EF&D allows you to touch, feel and see how the various materials, colors and shapes will look within your home.
  • Free Estimates: At EF&D, we’re happy to analyze all project blueprints and collaborate closely with our customers to determine the appropriate materials, measurements and quantities for the project.
  • Flooring Ideas & Design: EF&D will provide ideas and product recommendations for the project at no additional cost.
  • Flooring Removal: EF&D crew members will remove and haul away any and all existing flooring surfaces.
  • Flooring Preparation: EF&D understands the critical role of a properly prepared floor prior to installation. As such, the first thing we do is ensure the floors are smooth and level before we even get started. Skipping this step can unnecessarily increase the project duration, as well as lead to additional maintenance costs at a later time.
  • Floor Maintenance: After installation, EF&D will perform a thorough cleanup of your new floor/countertop surface.


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